This page is for the discussion of my research towards my PhD which is aiming to look at the notion of ‘entrepreneurial ambition’ in Scotland and Germany.

Many thanks to the ESRC’s Scottish Graduate School of Social Science, and the Scottish Government for providing me with the funding to undertake this project.

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  1. Alexander Stanley Post author

    Right, well… I hear you say “I have wasted all this time visiting this site and found nothing at all”. I agree that thus far there is not very mcuh, but I promise to fill the gaps bit by bit. One of the main reasons is that I am currently hiding away, with my head burried in the literature – for those who are unfamiliar with the PhD process, finding out about the existant literature in the field is something that takes up quite a bit of time during the first year of the PhD. Thus:
    Stage 1 – literature review [status: in progress]

    1. Alexander Stanley Post author

      You want an update? well, literature review is still in progress. I have changed second supervisor, and more importantly the focus of my PhD has shifted quite considerably. In essence, a new start (just with less time to complete everything). On a positive note, I now know one avenue that I don’t need to take. I wonder how many more of those are out there???

      – oh yes. My PhD is now leaning towards something called “high growth firms” – with a view to their post- high growth sustainability. It still may feature some ambition aspects, especially as I am looking to include a resource based view in the project.


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