Here are some links which I use to improve my work / make my life easier:

In-class interaction

There is nearly nothing better to spruce up a session than some audience participation. Over the years I have learnt to give up the fight against computers and phones in lectures/tutorials – it is just something that most students have grown up with nowadays and don’t know anything else. Mentimeter offer a very cool way of facilitating modern day interaction with students. Set up a question or two (this is free at its very basic offering) and you can get your students to visit, type in a six digit code and answer the question. You get live responses and can have them displayed in a variety of ways (e.g. word clouds, frequency of answer, multiple choice, scales etc.). It lets you see how slow or fast your students are working and move on once most of them have submitted their responses. Really polished and a fun way to engage and interact with your audience.


Mapping you responses

If you have conducted a survey (or gotten data from any other source) and have collected details of where your respondents came from, it can be nice to disply them on a map. I have done this a few times. In the process I have also tried a number of different software packages (including some full geography data analysis tools which kind of were the equivalent of trying to get a fly with an elephant). My recomendation for a quick and easy but very professional looking map is something called “Google Fusion Tables” . And the best news, this is FREE!!! [N.B. they call it an “experimental app” (read: in development) but I found it to work very well and without any problems]